Well, first up my name is Brittney.

I grew up in Perth Western Australia and now live in Margaret River with my strikingly handsome husband and spoilt puppy. All of us are food obsessed.

As a child some of my favourite memories seem to involve food. From cooking along side Nanna in the kitchen standing on the stool and licking the spoon (the best part..not going to lie i still do it) or my Mum’s dinner parties surrounded by people, delicious creations and plenty of leftovers.
Even though I didn’t grow up in a super healthy/organic/GF/sugar free ect. household, I have a real passion for it now.

My old diet would consist of heaps of white bread, dairy (glasses and glasses of milk) and sugary treats with no limit whatsoever to the point where i would have a hypoglycaemic ‘episode’ and crash pretty hard. I’d have the shakes, cold sweats and be so tired. Instead of cutting the sugar out I would just carry around food just incase an ‘episode’ would happen again. I know right..judge..judge away!

Anyway..its finally got to the point where I’d had enough and quit sugar. I’m now pretty addicted (in a good way) to health. I love reading about new studies on health, listening to podcasts about health and wellness, making delicious food that has awesome health benefits..you name it.

Ive decided to create The Wholesome Spoon blog as a log of recipes, current obsessions, stuff I’m learning along the way and to content with people who are like minded and I can be inspired by.

Thanks for reading!
If you have anything you’d like to ask me go ahead!

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